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Dear Diary 4/13/2016

So this week I thought I’d be able to get much more done with my blog, like more chapters in The Tumble, blah blah blah.   Yeah right.  That sooo did NOT happen but that’s a fast forward to the weekend.  Let’s get through the week first.

So my work family had a team lunch and I surely did join.  Now some of my teammates were like “oh we know you don’t really like to do these things” or “what, you want to be friends with us today?”  – Ummm yeah so my track record for hanging with my work family ain’t so great but first off, I think of these guys like my kids.  I mean I am in charge of taking care of their needs plus they’re all like at least 10 years younger than me and even though my boss (the head dead-head) is older than me, like even he states, he’s my biggest kid ever!!!  And let’s not forget I dwell in South Africa!  I mean not really but South Ozone Park might as well be.  It’s about 2 hours away from the city and when these kids do an after work drink thang, they don’t really start until 8ish if not later – so if I were to put some time in (and I ain’t even a big drinker no mo’) then when the heck would I ever get home???  My cuz Sham don’t really give up nada for dateline and I don’t really give up nada for date night, even if the date is simply between Mr. Couch and Me, ya dig??

– Alright enough – sooo lunch with the team was totally doable and quite a pleasure.  My boys made me laugh and laugh and laugh, especially Prince, cause that boy is brilliant and freakin’ ridiculously witty – and quite frankly going out with a bunch of handsome younguns – well hell, there could be far less pleasant ways to spend an afternoon n’est pas – and I shan’t forget about our female partner, Ms. just had a baby and don’t even look it!  Anyway it was a great time, we laughed and got to unwind.  I got to peek into these guys a little, witnessing a whole other level and I really enjoyed myself.  We got closer and between the food and laughs, it was a win win.  I mean until the end.  After that was a wrap and we were walking back to the office these guys did a full on power walk – I mean I had to check behind me to make sure the cops weren’t after us, that’s how fast these kids were going.  This is where my old ass was like – say what now? I managed to barely keep up but I don’t eat and run.  Next time I’ll let them fly and move at my own smell the roses pace, ya feel me?

Moving on:  Soooo I’ve made progress on the look of my Tumble Chapter Reading Youtube Videos.  Truthfully I should say that my sailor has helped me make a better product.  He incorporated my logo, we’ve got better lighting and better sound quality thanks to the circular LED light and microphone purchased by (aw come on, you know this) – by Amazon of course.  So now I’m just waiting for my background and I think we may place a pic of all three book covers at the end of the video, not sure, still tweaking.  I’m also thinking of standing while doing the reading.  Quite frankly my boobs look huge and kind of grandma-like.  Not a fan!  Might be a better look if I stand.  We’ll see how it goes.

Also this week everyone’s been asking me what am I doing differently with my makeup?  People are really loving the look – oh and by people, I mean Facebook friends – if you don’t know I’m a selfie Queen.  It’s just one of those things!  Anyhoo I am doing a few things differently with my look.  First off, people think I’m curling my hair.  Nope, this is a wash, condition, towel dry look.  This is how it turns out.  I put a few beads of hair gel to keep it from going completely wild but that’s it.  With my face, I’m putting on a bronzer on my cheek line, but I’m pushing it an blending it up – not something I did before.  I also do my eye shadow a little differently, four different colors usually and I brush my eyebrows up before enhancing them with a bit of brown eyebrow gel.  Probably the biggest change to my look is that I’m using my false eyelashes again.  Quite frankly I really like that Joan Collins/Dynasty drama in my face and lemme tell ya, people in general are quite diggin’ it!  I’m putting all of the drama up top while I work on my body below.  Boy it ain’t easy but I’m trying.

So you know what all the fuss is about – here’s my regular makeup a week ago:

Now here’s my makeup for this week – guess you can decide for yourself which look if any you like better – and now that you know how I achieved it, it might want to be something you give a test run!













Now this past weekend my girl Sonia came over on Saturday and we had the best time ever doing nothing much but chatting and eating.  In between all of that, we did manage to set up her preliminary website on WIX, a free website builder.  It’s so simple and gorgeous, truthfully anyone can do it.  I myself am putting another website for myself together.  I haven’t tweaked it just yet but it’s all in the works.  WIX makes everything so simple to do and it’s FREE so if you’re interested in building your own site, please see the website for WIX below.  Just click on the word WIX.


On Sunday I took care of myself and the house.  I had no energy for writing a chapter of The Tumble or blogging or anything.  Hopefully I’ll get into the swing of things and get to it soon.  Right now work is a priority.  I need to focus more on my tasks.  I have a bad habit of rushing through a lot of tasks and some items are falling through the cracks.  I can’t have it.  My sunshine is on a whole different level now and I’ve not only got to keep up with him but find a way to skip ahead and anticipate his needs before he is even aware of them!

Later kittens