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Dear Diary 4/18/2016

So this weekend I had a tres fab time with my sailor and my crew.  We celebrated my sister’s birthday by bowling for a couple of hours and then afterwards heading to our home away from home, Mingles.

Truthfully although Mingles was playing better music than they had in what would seem like decades, its still rather boring to me.  I think for quite some time now I’ve outgrown the club scene, heck even the bar scene because I really don’t drink much anymore.  If you’re not drinking it’s kind of hard to enjoy that type of atmosphere, at least for me.  I use to be extremely big on dancing but I’m not even feeling the pull of the base toward the dance floor anymore either.  I’m in this phase of dinners, bowling for sure, movies and laughing and having a blast in the house kind of thing.  I don’t know, at 43, it’s where I’m at.

My hubby for sure is at the stage where he likes to hang out and I’m rather encouraging.  I had a great many years where I had tons of girls nights out and he didn’t really voice too many complaints about it though looking back, I can imagine that it must have been difficult for him.  I mean I use to go out almost every weekend for like years.

Truth be told I feel a little guilty for excluding him for so long, but then again not too guilty.  He’s not the same man today that he was years ago.  Back then he didn’t drink at all and he didn’t care for the party environment either.  It was traveling with a pastor.  He didn’t say anything, he didn’t drink anything and he didn’t do anything, just held up the wall in whichever corner I planted myself.  He was rather a stick in the mud so who wanted that around when you were trying to enjoy yourself?  Not I yet still it was selfish.  So now that shoe is on the other foot so to speak and I am the stick in the mud, when he wants to chill, I kiss him on the cheek, wish him every happiness and settle onto the couch with a favorite movie and popcorn.  Now we both get what we want!

Unfortunately on Saturday I didn’t have too much time to pamper myself in preparation for my sister’s birthday so I didn’t get to moisturize my straw hair like I usually do and quite frankly one can tell.  Tonight I hope to rectify that.  I could have done it on Sunday but truth be told I don’t like shit interfering with my one day a week chill time.  I mean aside from cleaning up my joint, and taking care of my personal maintenance (which I didn’t really do much of that either this weekend,) I don’t like to do anything but chill, watch movies and take cat naps.  It’s what I thoroughly enjoy.

Well this week we’re back on the grind.  I’ve got to pay attention to the details at work, lately I’ve been letting them fall through the cracks.  Also I was suppose to get up this morning and do a 20 min. run on my iron giant and then do my exercises at home after work tonight.  That didn’t happen.  I was exhausted and didn’t get up early.  But I will do my exercises tonight and hopefully for the rest of the week I can manage to up the ante.  I’m really not feeling the way I be lookin’ these days.  This extra weight has got to go.

Toodles poodles