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Dear Diary 4/26/2016

This past week, work was a killer.  Basically ran to work, ran home, got in about two nights of exercise and then life took over.  There was a time when I would push through anything, everything, nothing would get in the way of my fitness but these days sleep is more important, comfort is more important and trying on different shades of lipstick is critical…lol

Seriously I’m just going through a do-over.  I’m pouring over Youtube videos, obsessing over different looks, right now getting the ombre look seems to be the most important thing.

And in fact this morning as I was attempting to put on my lashes, a feat that generally takes about 6 minutes, start to finish, drying time, etc, well today I don’t know why but the damn lashes absolutely was repulsed by my eyelid.  Yes like a prisoner being led to the gallows, the dam thing, mottled in glue by this point simply refused to attach.  Thank GOD (no pun or joke intended) I have makeup remover, which helped me take off all of the glue in 5 seconds but did me no favors when it came to reapplication.  If at first you don’t succeed indeed, try again but when it’s like Et Tu Brute – get a move on, remove the wad of glue that has spider-webbed your lid and whip out the trusty “They’re Real” mascara and gets to brushing.  Since it was the first day without my lashes in a couple weeks, well my look was very young and fresh-faced.  Who knew?  There’s always a bright side.  My own baby commented on my selfie and said I looked like a baby.  C’est moi?  Apparently so!  Giggle, giggle, giggle!

Yeah it was like that.

Anyhoo so my routine with my face has totally changed.  I’ll put another separate post about that later with all of the products and pics but frankly I’m feeling good about my face, because it’s look good with the makeup and it ‘s lookin’ even a little better without it!  I might be one of those chics who does the less is more down the road, well more or less… but that ain’t now.  I am lovin’ my makeup just wayyyy to much to start that mess now.

Well this weekend my sailor and I put together some new tricks to my VLOGS with the better background, my sailor added some effects and music and I learned how to input a title of sorts during part of the video.  I have to say learning about Youtube and editing and video is rather fun.  I’m far from an expert but I’m also far from being a complete ignoramus regarding the process and I definitely appreciate that.

Soooo let’s talk about Queen B for a minute and her video.  Now my lil bunny and I were chatting about it and it definitely resonated with her for a lot of good reasons.  Me, I’ve kind of been on the fence about it.  I love Beyonce.   She’s an amazing talent, gorgeous, smart, ambitious, now lemme stop cause this is gonna start to sound like her eulogy but you get the idea.  But her new video Lemonade didn’t resonate with me.  I found it utterly relate-able as I think anyone woman would if she had ever been in that situation.  These are all of the things we have thought, we have even said to our partner in a situation like this.  But why I didn’t quite care for it I couldn’t really express to my lil bunny, who brought up a lot of good points as to why it is fearless and also in keeping with Beyonce’s regular MO.  But after thinking about it, I think the reason I am on the fence about it is because putting your man on blast in public like that while you’re still married to him is tricky.  I’m not sure I would want to feel the backlash of that or have my man endure it either, especially if we’re still rockin’ together.  With my circumstances, meaning my book HIM, well my sailor never read it and will not be hit with a barrage of  daily quotes, parodies, speculation, media and public gossip, etc.  While I think the song is great for her career, I’m not certain it will serve her well in her private life.  I guess I always feel because I’m a writer, and the truth and fiction are so mixed, it’s kind of like my shield.  Maybe it’s the same for B.  But truthfully, I’m no famous person.  I feel better that I have my shield but I ain’t never had to really use it.  I think for this one, B just might.  And then I heard some news about people responding to her song, like Rachel Roy and Rita Ora, as if to intimate or outright state that they slept with JZ.  Now why would anyone want to flash that around town I’ll never know!  Not everything one does is something to state proudly to the world.  It’s called dirt for a reason, bury that shit six feet under and keep it movin’ bitch!

toodles poodles