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Dear Diary 4/29/2013

So this past week has been a doozy.  Work has been insane.  My Sunshine’s schedule is crazy therefore my schedule is crazy.  Therefore he is driving me mad.  And I’m not getting any love.  Then I finally did get some love but I think I was too salty at that point and sent a comment back that I thought was quite funny but could be construed as biting.  Oh lawd why?  Why do I hit the send button with a devil may care attitude and then worry about my response for the next four hours?  Nothin’ but foolishness and mayhem but alas tis how I pass the time in fair amusement.

Speaking of foolishness and mayhem the process of getting a request done where I work is the most incredulous thang I’ve ever had to endure.  I needed a simple name change on the display of one of our office phones.  The dude who use to be here no longer is here and so whatever VP decides to fly from our main office in Canadia (yes that’s what I call it – why? – because it amuses me – why do I do anything?) ok, I digress so anyhoo the VIPS in Canadia come to NY, sit at an unoccupied desk and use an unoccupied phone that unfortunately has the previous owner’s name and voice mail attached.  So I just need to get the name changed and the voice mail shut down, a simple task that usually requires one phone call.  Not here at Butterfield – oh no.  That would require an imbecile.  I’m overqualified for the task it would seem.  At Butterfield I’ve got to go online, through this elaborate setup, generate a ticket, (A TICKET)!!! It’s a virtual stand in place line mind you.  Then once someone looks at the ticket they get back to me, only to tell me that they CAN’T help me.  First I must get approval.  Seriously???  This request is so off the wall that I need someone with more sense than a woodchuck to yea (yes it sounds like yay but proper spelling is yea, I had to Google that shit, who knew) or nay???  What’s this guy/gal gonna do?  Pray over the request, chant some special voodoo that he doo that you do?  I imagine someone holding a seance at each request, a bunch of people locked in a conference room holding hands and lighting incense while someone in the middle underneath a powdered wig reads off each request from an Ipad no less!  Meanwhile behind the iron curtain Tyrion Lannister is shaking an 8 ball oracle furiously.  Hmmm, too much?  You wouldn’t think so if you were in my shoes.

At this point it’s easier to buy the man an entirely new phone from Staples and expense it!  I’m nothing if not resourceful.  There’s more than one way to skin a… wait … that’s horrific… why would anyone want to skin… – let’s just go with there’s more than one way tickle my fancy~

On other breaking news I’m still sick but not as sick as I was so that’s something.  No seriously I’m on the mend and thankful for it.

toodles poodles.