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Dear Diary 4/4/2016

It seems I’m obsessed with Amazon.  I am just ordering everything under the sun!  I can’t seem to help myself, they’ve taken over the world.  I mean they got everything!!! I ordered dresses, my coat, jackets, my fake lashes, my nail stickers, yesss nail stickers.  I’ve come to the conclusion that at this stage of my life it’s very hard to put in the time or have the same precision I use to have when it comes to nail art.  However I still like some snazzy looking nails, ya feel me?  I can’t be like princess and have someone do my shizmit.  First off, I’m impatient.  Who has time to wait around for an appointment, then wait while they do it, wait while it dries… wait wait wait.  I can’t.  My usual routine is Sunday evening at some point, if I’m lucky before midnight – I get around to doing my nails.  I give myself a mani and pedi.  I feel special when I take care of myself.  So while I can still paint my nails quite well, the whole design thing has fallen to the wayside – but now they’ve got stencils and stickers – so guess what?  I’m all set!

Anyway my obsession with Amazon is dying down.  I guess I was just going through a buy it all phase.

This week I’ve spent quite some time checking out Carli Bybel’s Youtube videos.  She’s a very young (think she’s 25) beautiful girl, who does some amazing makeup and she’s got videos on clothing and her boyfriend, who’s so adorable and cute it’s unbelievable.  They remind me of the wonder twins and when they get together to make a video – cha ching!  They’re monetary powers certainly activate…lol




In any case, the girl is gorgeous but she puts a great deal of effort into her look.  Of course literally now, she’s getting paid for just that so it makes perfect sense.  I however, have picked up a few tips from her and applied them to myself.  I use a makeup brush to take the excess nail polish off of my fingernails which works very well, a heck of a lot more precise than my usual Q-tips and before I run the eyebrow color through my eyebrows, I comb my eyebrows up.  And Carli is correct, you achieve a much more natural look.  What the heck right?  You’re never too old to learn.

Anyway the real reason I’ve been watching Ms. Bybel’s videos is to gain some knowledge regarding the presentation of her videos.  She’s really come a long way from her videos of 2012.  I look at my videos and while I am only reading chapters of The Tumble in hopes to gain some interest, the more put together your video appears, the better chance you will have of gaining a larger audience.  So the sailor and I have had numerous discussions and have done some investing in this phase of my dream.  We bought a ring light, a proper microphone and I even purchased a gorgeous backdrop – where pray tell? Must you ask?  Why Amazon of course!  But seriously – this should improve the overall look and sound of my videos and when I finally get the backdrop it will have that professional, artsy, whimsical flavor that I’m going for.  We’ll see how it goes!

This weekend my sailor and I went on a date night of his choice, the car show at Jacob Javits.  And I was actually looking forward to going with him.  The only thing was it was on Friday right after work and I was riding the crimson wave, so already a little tired, cranky, bloating and experiencing light cramps.  Yes, sucks royal balls but the show must go on.  In any case we went, and had a great time.  We saw a lot of whips, most of them really didn’t tickle my fancy, but they had this green Audi that damn near took my breath away.  Unfortunately it was of the caliber that ensured it was behind the red rope.  No touchE!  Ya feel me?  But I couldn’t help but drool anyway.  Come on, wouldn’t you?

My sailor was tickled to see his favorite pick of the litter showcased on the other side as well.

One:1 - <b>Koenigsegg</b> | <b>Koenigsegg</b>

Gotta give it to him.  The Koenigsegg is a sexy little beast!

And even though I was seriously reluctant to go, he convinced me to take the “jeep challenge.”  Basically they fit four people plus their own driver into one of the Jeep Jeep’s and drive through an obstacle course.  I kid you not going up the terrain at like a 90 degree angle and then back down again and around – seriously had me feeling like we were on the set of Jurassic Park.  I highly recommend it.  It’s probably the most fun you will have at the car show.  They also give you this green Jeep bag which at first I didn’t want but can I tell you, I been using that bad boy relentlessly.  The more you seem to know, the less you seem to know…lol  – Sometimes I’m so stubborn but my sailor, he makes me try new things and most of the time, I have to admit, he’s on to something!

Also very interesting – on the basement level of the Jacob Javits they had an entire wing dedicated to the imports, the mods, the aftermarket crowd, aptly named DUB.  It was like being in the club, full DJ mixing some fine tunes, shiny chrome everywhere, crunk paint jobs and of course new shoes for your ponies!  My sailor was definitely in his element and me, I got to do the ride along.

Saturday we had a complete date – woke up, had a leisurely breakfast, then cleaned the joint and got ready for our date.  We went all the way up to the Palisades mall, walked the gauntlet of stores, ate at the Cheesecake Factory and then finally saw Batman Vs. Superman, Dawn of Justice, of which you know I will give a full review.  We had a blast!  Sunday was spent chilling, cleaning, eating, and me doing my nails while my sailor studied for his math test.

I got to say I’m really digging the dedication we are showing to each other. It’s not always a cakewalk but sometimes it surely is da sweetest thing ever!!!

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later kittens