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Dear Diary 5/18/2016

What an amazing week I’ve had.  I’ve recently discovered Twitter and it is AMAZING!!! I mean for me it’s like getting a news feed of all of the things that interest me as oppose to FB which has all of the news of my friends and family, and it’s not always terribly interesting – let’s face it.  We’re not all entertaining all of the time – certainly not myself!

In any case I’ve been following a few writers and Veteran Affairs and Benefits, National Endowment of the Arts, PBS, Tech news, Gamers news and all of that good stuff.  Truly I can’t get enough.  I’ve switched from voraciously reading novels to reading articles and pinning them on my Pinterest if I find them fascinating.

Other breaking news, work is work.  There’s plenty of it and I’m slogging away – my sunshine hasn’t been in the office for awhile, dealing with other things but he’s keeping me on my toes and busy so it’s all good.  Plus I’ve always got my writing hustle when I have some downtime.  Quite frankly that’s a good thing otherwise I’d have to do what I did in the days when I was but a young bitty making my bones in the literary world – which is to say when everyone was sleeping I was the mouse quietly clicking away on keystrokes – a few hours every night, coffee cup on the side, darkened room trying not to wake my sailor with the light of an old computer guiding me on my journey – felt like a Tron moment really – ahem (throat clearing) before the Legacy n’est pas! 

As for the writing, it’s coming along.  I’ve been reading so many other well known writers, best sellers actually, who make themselves quite available on Twitter and their description of scenes and surroundings is quite incredible.  I think I have fair depiction when describing a scene and really good dialogue – but fair is not good and good is not great.  So when I finally finish The Tumble, I’m going to have to go back and go over it with a painter’s brush.  I need to add more color to the scenes.  I’m thinking of writing as a work of art that contains many layers.  First I get the story out, then I go over with a painter’s brush, adding color and other artifacts that awaken the senses, third layer would be the self editing process, fourth layer, sending the product to an editor, fifth layer, making the editing corrections and finally the sixth layer, make ready for publication.

When one thinks of things like that, you’re hardly tempted to write a single word but you can’t be discouraged by the process.  Everything is a process.  You just have to grit your teeth, focus and tackle each separate task until at last you’re done.

I’m thinking of doing a VLOG reporting all of the things I think are interesting, from my Maxim articles, to my Twitter articles, to movies and makeup.  I read this article about what you need to know when you’re blogging and the first item was cater to your readers, audience, market and sponsors.  I don’t actually have a paid blog.  I started my blog because I found I had a lot to say, contribute, knowledge I learned and wanted to pass on.  If others found it interesting, awesome, but if they didn’t I figure no worries, they can move onto another blog they found more to their liking.  I never want to write what I think people want to read – that motivation seems a betrayal.  I want to write what I find interesting and if others find it interesting as well – then it’s a colossal high.

Toodles poodles