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Dear Diary 5/20/2015

It’s midweek and I’m feeling good.  Things have been running well this week.  I feel like I’m getting stuff done finally.  Sounds odd I know but I haven’t been feeling like doing much of anything for the longest time.  Great news that my illustrator will reformat The Slipper and upload it on Createaspace so I can finally have it available for purchase on Amazon!  Yay!  I mean I did finish it in 2012 – I’ve really been dragging my ass with this.  The other books shouldn’t be hard to upload myself as they will all be in text, no pics.  If The Slipper is well received perhaps I’ll revamp the characters in another story.  Who knows?

As for the personal/professional – my sunshine and I have been doing well – at least from what I can gather.  Sometimes we have great banter, sometimes he’s as silent as the grave.  BUT on the upswing – when he’s in the office he’s usually VERY receptive!  Gotta love it!  Yes it’s silly, yes it’s annoying to others who may not understand the gravitational push and pull of working so closely and being the hub of the man’s very existence but trust and believe it can be quite consuming.  On that note, I don’t really like to take work home but if it’s important I do it: even on my own time.  The thing is, with a boss like this that travels extensively and is all over the place, time is kinda relative.  When he needs something it’s not always betwixt the hours of 9-5.  Don’t get me wrong, he did catch me at some most inopportune moments where I couldn’t help him but so far.  I did what I could and he picked up the slack from there.  But I’m not going to lie, it kinda makes me feel important, needed, necessary.  And I don’t feel like it’s a bad thing.  Ask me in a year!

On a separate but related note – now that I do have my work Blackberry I am sooo grateful for it.  I can search an email in seconds, keep up with whatever he needs and now that I have the tool I have the confidence to do my job with flair.  And I did my first expense report for myself!  I dunno why but that made me feel kinda important as well…lol

I’ve always had a lot of responsibilities at my job but this one feels like the best fit in a long time I suppose because of all of the bouncing I did before I got here.  So far, so good!

This week I’ve also managed to get in two workouts!  Tonight is the dreaded laundry so that won’t be happening tonight but I’m happy that that chore will be behind me so it’s all good.

Toodles Poodles!