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Dear Diary 5/2/2016

So this weekend my sailor was away – and this cat didn’t want to play, at all.  Nah, I’m on a whole different trip these days.  I’ve been taking out the trash for quite some time now – and you know what?  It’s freeing.  A whole lot of bullshit has been weighing me down and after analyzing all of the things that had me caught up, even if it was only mental, I started realizing not only don’t I need any of it, but I don’t want any of it either.  A friend, who I use to conversate with eons ago actually had the audacity to hit me up at 3:15am with a text!  Have you lost your damn mind?  Even if my sailor wasn’t beside me – why the hell would I want to be bothered at that time by anyone?  I kid you not I really feel like some men are glutton for punishment because when you do some dumb shit to that degree, I always am gonna be that bitch that lets you know, in no uncertain terms, no sugar, just straight up vinegar.  That’s just bloody disrespectful and I do not get angry, I get enraged.  So you know homiE got the “have you lost your bloody mind” followed by “never text me ever ever again” and then I blocked the number because after I went through that same circumstance with you prior and you still feel like you have some divine right to be an asshole, the choice will no longer be yours.  Child bye!

The rest of the weekend was spent quite well, for the most part.  This entire week since my sunshine is going to attend BOMA, I’ve been at work no earlier than 8pm, which means I’m not getting home until close to 10 if not a little beyond.  So forget about doing anything once I got home.  I was like a zombie, done and done! On Friday I stayed at work until a little after 9 so when I finally did get home – close to 11pm – with two slices of pizza

I picked up along the way – fantasizing how the couch and I would get it on – my sailor wasn’t home – so I could be as loud and crass as I wanted – well I put the pizza on my dining table, pop open the french doors to the living room, doing a quick survey – setting up my blankets so I can be nice and toasty and what do I see out of the corner of my eye?  A roach!  Not just any roach mind you, but a juggernaut – one of those mutant bad boys that you know survived the ice age, big bang, the Great Depression – yeah that mofo.  And honest to heaven, when he felt my presence he didn’t even hightail it into a corner, nope, motherfreaker moseyed!!!!   Yes he took his time disappearing.  By the time I armed myself with the Raid spray that fires the deadly poison with machine gun precision – this bad boy was nowhere to be found.  I mean nowhere.  Because after an hour of planting myself on the couch waiting for him, I started to get annoyed, and then fully pissed off that I was being held hostage by the bloody thing.  So I went hunting.  But he was in the wind.  I have no idea where he went and it’s now Monday and I still have had no sign of him.  Funny thing is now that my sailor is back, I wished the creepy crawly had come out and I’d been able to do away with it because he’s ten times more terrified than I am of the damn things.  So now when I’m home, I try not to let the fact that it’s around somewhere, take over my life but honestly, we’re like two soldiers on high alert, waiting for the bugger.  It would be funnier if it weren’t so bloody accurate.

Anyhoo that’s what’s up.  I had the pleasure of spending Saturday with my best friend.  It was a rare treat to have alone girl time but we did.  We chilled, watched The Boy and Selfless together, ate, laughed, talked – like real talk and then bs talk – it was really great.  Had a blast.  Dev and Matte chilled with me for a bit too and of course that was total awesome sauce.

Sunday I did much of the same thing I did on Saturday but sans company.  I washed and conditioned my hair and did my nails.  Really glad I saw that video about how to paint your nails because now the nail polish really lasts all week (for the most part.)  Who knew I was doing it wrong all of these years?

Now let’s just talk about Game of Thrones for a minute shall we?  OMGosh if you didn’t see it and you don’t want anything spoiled for you then stop reading now!

As I was saying, Game of Thrones, OMGosh yes the episode was amazing.  Theon, my boy, I feel so terrible for you.  You’ve paid for your crimes and then some – forgive yourself and move on.  Heaven knows what you’ll find at home – I know your sister will welcome you but I don’t know if the absence of your father is more of a help or hindrance now as you will be the rightful heir upon return.  Does that mean you have to fight your uncle for the right to sit on the throne?  Guess we’ll find out.

Hey, since when did Bran become such a cutiE pie?  Hello!

Tyrion, ain’t nobody can say you ain’t got balls of steel!  Release the dragons – you certainly did – the force is strong within you not so little man.

But all of this pales in comparison to my face the moment I saw Ghost perk up.  John Snow – he lives!

And so moved was I in the exact and opposite way I had been when I viewed The Red Wedding that I could not contain my childish joy and posted not one second after on FB – he lives.  My child had the nerve to post right after that I better be talkin’ about Jesus…lol  – Well I’m always talkin’ about Jesus but I can’t say that it was one of those times…lol  – Now if I said He Reigns – that would be different.

toodles poodles