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Dear Diary 5/27/2016

This week is over and we’re heading into a long weekend, so thrilled about that.

Nothing terribly important to report except I’ve really been ramping up my social media via Twitter, Pinterest and my FB Page.

I want to do a VLOG on Chapter 13, of The Tumble this weekend, which kind of has me a tad nervous because 1 – I’ve never read a sex scene out loud to any audience and

2-my camera-man/producer/lighting guy is actually my guy, my sailor

so that’s a tiny bit uncomfy.  But I did something I’m use to doing now – I talked to him about it and he was typical C – that is to say he shrugged his broad shoulders and was like why?







So I guess I’ll just get over myself, take a deep breath and be professional about the whole mcgillicuddy Right? tv vintage party champagne lucille ball

Onward and forward.  My stiletto nails from Amazon arrived – and OMG they are fly!  I slapped those babies on tout suite and was rockin’ them all week.  I mean I was enamored with them.  I couldn’t stop looking at my hands – honestly I still can’t.  They’re gorgeous!  And unlike many of the popular stiletto nails on the market, these nails are made for smaller fingers with a smaller nail-bed.  I’m going to post the video separately so anyone who’s interested can check them out.  But if you don’t want to see all of that – please click on the link below to go to the Amazon page that has the nails and you may purchase at will.

Amazon Stiletto Nails


On other news my sailor was telling me this story the other day of how he was on the train and he witnessed this young girl step into the train car and this big, older dude was staring at her like a hawk eyes a rabbit – serious prey/stalker behavior – and it surprised my hubby that dude wasn’t hiding anything – He hawked this young girl down, proceeded to stand in front of her and unfortunately when the seat beside her became free, he plopped his thirsty ass right next to her.  Her response?  She clutched her bag like she was breastfeeding and scooched over to the lady on the other side of her to the point where you thought the two were one.  My sailor it turns out was stunned and appalled and horrified for the young girl.  The thing is of course I was too but I also know this type of situation is old hat for most of us women.  I went through that from the tender age of 13 until even now.  No doubt at this stage of my life, dudes that push up on me in the train actually either get a handful of heavy bag scraping their knuckles – yeah cop a feel on that homiE – or I literally tell them to back up and give me some room (if there is room.)  What surprised me was my sailor’s apparent naivete – this situation is nothing new and happens to us all of the time and that’s unfortunate and horrifying – and that this young girl already is well acquainted with this situation.  That is what I find so tragic.

Moving on to a happier note – why was my sailor and I in the howling wookie (our VW R-32 people – the whip – come on keep up) – and Trigger’s song Foreign comes through the speakers and why is it that both of us starting singing and throwin our hands up – doing the – you go, i go, duet thang – OMGosh I don’t usually gush about the cuteness going on betwixt us two but people, we’ve hit a new plateau – after 15 years together – sometimes I swear – feels like we’re just getting to the good stuff.

toodles poodles