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Dear Diary 5/8/2016

So this week has been very interesting.  Work is work, been busy, been getting home late, been eating and in fact the only thing I haven’t been doing is exercising.  I am that bitch I didn’t think I’d ever be – which is to say, I’ve been saying out loud and in my mind, I’ll start my routine next week. I use to be that chica who always thought why waste time agonizing over not exercising in my mind when I could simply spend that time actually getting in a workout and not dealing with the guilt or extra fat?  I mean I always felt good about the fact that I was doing something about my weight no matter what I weighed.  The doing something made all of the difference in the world to me.  Didn’t really matter how I looked at the time.  If I was doing something about it, I was good.

Now I’m not doing shit, I’m eating everything and I’m in this weird I don’t give a crap space and yet I’m spending way too much head space agonizing about all of the time I’m spending not doing anything about it.  Well that’s where I’m at.  So here I go again but I’m really trying to be different. Tomorrow I do plan on doing everything that I’m suppose to do and get into bed at a normal time so that I can wake up at a proper time and get in a 20 to 30 min run on my iron giant and then in the evening – I can do a little jump jump as my sailor calls it or Just Dance video as it truly is.  I mean things are coming up.  I’m going to attend a wedding in July.  I wanna look good in my dress but truthfully and more importantly I want to love the way I look again.  I like the way I look which is why I can continue this lazy bs but I don’t loved it.  I wanna love it.

Anyhoo, I’ve discovered a few things that are making my life even happier.  One of them is Twitter.  Now my sis told me eons ago get on Twitter, start tweeting!  Well I am and I must say I love it.  Not just the tweeting, that’s fun but the wealth of information available and at my fingertips on Twitter. It’s another news-feed very similar to Facebook but the content is not the status of my friends per say, it’s informative from sources I like.  I am following Maxim again, which has immediately given me a natural high.  I love love love all things Maxim so you can expect that I’ll be having quite a few posts under the category All Things Maximum. I find Maximum to be my leading source for sexy, new tech, new accessories and absolutely the wittiest, kick ass article writing I’ve even been privy to!

I’ve also put Maxim on my iPhone.  I bought an issue (which is great, you can buy one issue at a time, and at $3.99 it’s well worth it for me) and of course their sexpot of November 2015 is the newest Bond girl, the very sexy French gal Lea Seydoux.  Now I absolutely love Lea because she’s not a girl but a fully fleshed out woman!  Plus I find a little hard edge to a woman incredibly sexy, when she can be both hard and soft.

So I haven’t read the actual interview on Maxim as yet but I did read a quote from her – they probably asked what does she like in a man – (I’m assuming as I only saw her response) which was “I like a man who can respect a woman.”  HELLO that was a freakin’ epiphany for me.  I mean hell we all want that and we all know we want that but I don’t think I’ve really ever heard it put quite that way.  The truth is simple and contains no frills.  I feel like that’s probably the way this chica is; straightforward and perhaps a bit brassy.  Or maybe I’ve seen a few French movies and think I know more than I do but whatever, let me just analyze her statement for just a second – a man who respects a woman.  What does that mean?  For me that means a man who can not only allow a woman to have her own opinion even though it is our God given right, but to actually respect it.  I mean, for a man to listen, really hear a woman’s opinion and accept it as such. I don’t know about your experience but mine hasn’t been that great.  Love, yes, respect – ah, I dunno.  My sailor loves me but honest to God when it comes to respecting my opinion – well that took a long time and we still go rounds every now and again.  I mean for him it’s much simpler.  He has an opinion, I hear him out and though we may not agree, and we may argue over his opinion, we don’t argue over his right to have one.  With me, I don’t find that to be the case.  I think he sometimes feels that I should adopt his take on a subject never mind how I might feel, which totally goes against my grain and then it becomes a Beastie Boys song and I gotta fight for my right – ya feel me?

In any case, her statement resonated with me.  Can’t wait to get into the interview.

This week is gonna be a doozy because I’ll be working on sunshine’s expense reports but we do what we must.  I did book our upcoming trip to Dallas, can’t wait.  The hotel I picked for us to stay looks amazing.  Can’t wait to see it.  I’ll probably take pics and tweet it.

It’s called Aloft Las Colinas and it’s very modern looking.

Love the stand-up shower with the glass doors.  I can’t say that I’ve ever seen that before.

Anyway we booked our trip on Expedia and for a 4 day trip, hotel, airfare and car rental it came up to approximately $1,200 for both the sailor and I.  Not too bad.  Looking forward to it.

And that’s all she wrote.  It’s 2:00 am now Sunday morning.  Today is Mother’s Day and the kid is going to come by so we can make terrariums together.  Don’t know what that is?  Well here, lemme show you.


If you are interested in making one of these yourself, you can buy everything you need on Amazon!

In any case the kid asked me what I’d like to do on Mother’s Day and I really didn’t have anything in mind so she came up with this idea – let’s make terrariums and I was like sure, let’s do that. Should be fun.  I’ll tweet the finished product tomorrow sometime.  She said she’s coming over at noon.  Heaven’ knows that’s when I usually wake up but I have my alarm set for 10 so we’ll see what happens.  I’ve been writing for a couple of hours now, time to take a shower and hit the sack.

Tomorrow is another day and hopefully I’ll get in that elusive Chapter 36 already.  I’ve been kind of stumped for a minute about that, not so much writer’s block as I just haven’t been in the mood to revisit that part of myself but I need to continue the story and I think figure out a good twist soon.  Exciting!

toodles poodles