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Dear Diary 6.17.2016

So I thought I’d be free to do more writing, thought I’d get sooo much farther than I am – but nope – didn’t happen.  I always say as a woman, you can have it all – just not the same time.

First off lemme say for me 43 has been a curse and a blessing.  It’s been a blessing because I realize so many things at this age, its made me a softer, kinder more generous human being, more sympathetic to others, a better mother, sister, daughter, wife and friend – and all of that is amazing.  Its been a curse in basically one department – body and energy.  My body doesn’t have the same spring it had just a year ago.  I’m tired, I’m achy, sleep deprivation seems systematic, and exercise doesn’t have the same quick effect that it had previously.  But honestly all in all it’s not that bad.

Finally I’m starting to see a difference in my body – a positive difference.  I have traded in the writing time for exercise – work is intense, not too much time for writing at the 9-5 gig and sometimes when I do have the time, my brain is fried, too tired to string cohesive, thoughtful paragraphs together.

So it’s been get up, work, get home, workout, bible, bed, maybe some tv.

So the workout has been working – slowly but working.  Here’s a selfie on June 1.

Selfie on June 15

I don’t know if you can tell the difference but my waist and hips are slightly trimmer as well as my upper thighs.  I can dig it.

I also changed all of my makeup brushes – dumped the old and bought new ones at Amazon.

See below if you’re interested in purchasing for yourself.

Unimeix? 10 pcs Premium Synthetic Kabuki Makeup Brush Set Cosmetics Foundation Blending Blush Eyeliner Face Powder Brush Makeup Brush Kit (Black Black )¡­

This set cost $7.99

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Hotrose® 20 Pcs Cosmetic Makeup Brushes Set Eyeshadow Lip Brush for Women(white-gold)

This set also cost $7.99

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You’ve got to buy two because you don’t get the same brushes in a pack and sometimes (at least for me) I need a good number of the big brushes as well as the eyebrows and eyeshadow brushes.

I’m really loving this gold palette I’ve been rocking all week.


I also haven’t put out a video in quite some time but hopefully I’ll get to it this weekend.

Today is Friday, I’ll be leaving work soon to meet up with my girl LL (whom I haven’t seen in the longest) and we’re going to watch Central Intelligence with The Rock and Kevin Hart – so I know we’re gonna have a good time.  After that I’ll be glad to be going home and chillin’ with my sailor.

We’ve been getting on like two peas in a pod but last night we got into it and it’s only because he can be a dumbass at times.  I complained (which I had a few occasions) that he’s always on his phone because he absolutely is.  So when I mentioned it last night he snapped and hello this is ME we’re talkin’ about so if I’m in the right, I’m gonna snap back even harder.  I only back down when I’m afraid or questioning my own judgment.  So why after he agreed that I am correct – that he is on his phone all of the time – and that what I was actually asking – was that he chill on that shit – and sometimes on occasion leave your phone to the side and give me your undivided attention – why after agreeing that I’m correct and that what I was asking of him was a reasonable request – why then would you continue to argue???? Because ya skunt mad – da is why?  That’s right – I will turn into a West Indian Ricki Ricardo and jump all ova ya rass!  So I went to bed pissed, annoyed, defeated and sad.  But when I woke up, though I was still angry, I thought to myself – suppose me rass dead now – get shot in the street by some totiE – den wha me go do?  So I kissed and hugged him up and told him he’s a stchupid but I love him.  I still wanted to box he rass good fashion for most of the day but at least if one a we dead – our last thought will be loving.  No that’s not fake – because we love each other – what it is – is a compromise – me wan kill ya dead but me frikken jail – so me lef ya – and now if me drop dead – no guilt for we – just love.  Story done.

And that’s all she wrote – toodles poodles