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Dear Diary 7/26/2017

I must say I’m really enjoying these wedding task free weekends again!  It’s been awesome to nap again in the middle of the day during the weekend.  I still haven’t finished a few items that I want to get off of my plate but I’m getting there, slowly but surely.

I’ve finished writing The Tumble.  I was going to pass it on to Row and Tracey just so but I can’t.  I have to read the story in its entirety, make any corrections that I feel is necessary and then give it to them, otherwise it really is half assed.  I am too tired to read it on the bus ride home and during the weekend it feels too much like work!  Yes I’m such a lazzzzy beeeatch but I’ll get around to it.  I will.  I promissssssssssssssssssssssssse.

I did get the wedding shower and wedding albums that I created from Mixbook last night and OMGosh they are sheer perfection~  I’ll post a separate blog about my experience with Mixbook as well as some pointers as others may want to try their hand at creating their own album at a fraction of the price of purchasing it from the pros.

A few weekends ago we did a one day/night trip to visit Row in Boston!  Would you believe it was the same time the Yanks were in Boston playing the Red Sox?  Would you believe the Yanks won?  Would you believe our crew took the credit for that win?  Believe it all sonny because that’s exactly what happened!

Anyhoosie let me start off by saying I rented a car from Advantage on Priceline at least a week prior to the trip.  Can I say that we took an Uber to the airport (that’s where the Advantage car rental was,) and when we got there, after the chic at the counter asked me for all of my info., she dared to tell me that they had no cars on the lot yet BUT she could place me on a waiting list.  Wait for the kicker.  I was in fourth place.  Pray tell what is a fourth place?

In any race, there’s only first, second and third.  Anything after is generally referred to as fuck off.  You must say the last two words like you’re Clive Owen in Closer otherwise it doesn’t count.

What was I to do?  I had them place me on the list and then trotted downstairs to Hertz.  The girl there behind the counter was much nicer however to rent the only vehicle present and accounted for (a minivan) – nothing like arriving in Boston like a baller – if you’re into soccer mamas that is – well the price on that prize was upwards of $800.  Were they giving away the Hope Diamond as well as a night with Robbie Margot or what???

Yes I’m drawing this particularly heinous affair out but seriously do you understand the definition of reservation?  I just thank my lucky stars that this was not a reservation that required a credit card otherwise my next step would undoubtedly have been fighting to get my money back.

In any case, my beautiful, sweet daughter let us borrow her whip, and myself, the sailor, Sheri and Charmy were off to see our little Row Row.

Now we went to Boston before but we took an Amtrak.  This was our first time driving.  I’ll say this for the entire city of Boston, a drunk man engineered it, that I know for certain!  The roads make no sense.  Everyone’s coming from every direction and they’re going in every direction.  Street lights are mere suggestions and you need to take a refresher course in signology and mayhaps astrology to figure out what moves you can be making as a driver and perhaps even as a pedestrian.  Taking a course in divinity wouldn’t be a bad idea either cause you’ll need more than a wing and a prayer to figure out all of the loops, twists and turns.

I thought this condition was restricted to the road but then we got to our hotel – I kid you not, it took us three tries just to figure out how to get to our room even though we could clearly see it from where we stood at the bottom landing.  I know you’re thinking – how can that be?  The writer must be daft.  Might I add, I was not the leader of this expedition.  We took turns, first it was the sailor, then each of my cousins and after three failed attempts, we snagged a cleaning attendant and asked her.  Picture this, we’re on the 2nd floor landing.  Our terrace ends however two feet ahead is another terrace, and our room, one of two that are on contained only on that particular terrace.  So you see, we could see it from where we stood but getting to it was another story altogether.  Each terrace has a separate stairway, even though there are only two floors.  Why didn’t they simply have one terrace for the entire length of each floor?  Well I asked myself that question, after all, that is how they designed the facade of the building pictured below.

Because a drunk person designed the hotel, that’s how!  Normal in the front, big old hot mess in the back.  Someone who obviously thought to them-self, why keep it simple?  Let’s amuse the staff and confound the guests!

Moving on, the room was quite nice.

The bathroom was very spacious and clean.  I was use to bunking with Sheri, but never had the pleasure of going on a road trip with my cuzziE Charmy.  Well it was much the same – our family is tidy, thank God!  I can’t deal with messy and nasty.  We made pretty good time not counting the morning fiasco and arrived in Boston just after 2pm, perfect early check in time.  We settled into our room, freshened up and my sister called an Uber to fetch us from our place to hers.  C and I stayed at her beautiful, spacious and well appointed studio apartment on our last visit.  For Charmy and Sheri, it was a real treat to finally see her Boston diggs!  We were also able to bring Row’s birthday present that I made her, a lantern house dubbed The Roctopad!

After checking out her joint, we had late lunch/early dinner at this a beer, burger, steakhouse kind of joint.  My memory is for the birds, I’m currently trying to figure out what I had for dinner with no success. I just know it was delicious and I was disheartened at the fact that I would have to have it dumped rather than take my usual doggie bag because we’d planned to trek around the hood.

After stuffing our faces – and having a lovely gal who saw us struggling in el banio to capture a selfie, volunteer to take a pic of the group (what a darling,) we started on our walking tour.

We bowled a game at Lucky Strike – great drinks, very generous, friendly and very beautiful staff, – had a blast trying to keep ourselves from being hurled across the lane with our balls.  No leagues will be sewing our names onto any jackets just yet however, we ain’t half bad.

After spirits, balls and pins we headed to the House of Blues where my sister managed to have our names added to the list so we could peruse the facilities.  The place was an unexpected treasure trove of luxurious, exotic nooks and crannies as well as grand rooms with larger than life fireplaces, items that you would never expect from such an unassuming storefront!  We had a blast!  Did I mention that we were right across the street from Fenway – and were having a cocktail when we heard the Yanks took the Sox 3-1?

I don’t wanna braggg but the Yanks smacked that asss!

Isn’t that beautiful?  Wouldn’t have expected that in House of Blues now would ya?

After we had a drink or two, we sauntered down the street, well perhaps even strutted, the pride of the Yanks win, filling our souls if ya know what I mean, stopped into a souvenir shop, for Sheri to purchase a cute Tee for her baby and then headed over to the movies.

Ya done know that was my favorite part of the evening (aside from the grub!)  Do you have to ask?  We saw War for Planet of the Apes of course!

If want the review or to check out the trailer, it is on my latest blog post “The Hot List.”

Truthfully after that I was knackered, so we did the split.  Sheri and I took an Uber back to the hotel (we remembered how to get to the room this time) and Charmy, Row and my sailor decided to try and corral that last drank!  It was a fabulous day!

The next morning, we rolled out of bed around 8:30am to check out the free breakfast and I’m happy to report it was delicious.  My sailor’s expectations were too high for me not to give him the dowager stare!

Funny enough he ate everything on his plate and went back for seconds.  There was cereal, English muffins, blueberry and other assorted mini-muffins, butter, cream cheese, all flavors of jam and very delicious coffee.  I was in heaven!

After breakfast we packed, refreshed and as Lilah (one of our teacups absent from this trip) would say bamoonos contaminos.  Yeah, we got the hell outta dodge!  We took the scenic route to another spot for brunch!  Yes, that’s all it took for us to get hungry again…lol

After another delicious meal, we took an indecent amount of time to squish Row up and say our goodbyes as if the girl was shipping out to parts unknown.

Here’s what I observed during this trip:

  1. Everyone that we met – in particular the Uber drivers were the friendliest and chattiest of people!
  2. When the Sox lost, nobody seemed to take it very seriously.  I gently goaded the Uber driver, and he cheerfully responded, yup they won!  Good game!
  3. Every spot we stopped in had a great ambiance, delicious food and great drinks!
  4. The hostesses looked like fresh faced, young, beautiful models.  I mean they seriously resembled The Hadid sisters!  Yeah it’s like that.  If that’s the look you feign for, get your ass to Boston.  There is no shortage of beautiful girls and guys!

We had the best time ever.  Can’t wait to go on another road trip.  I rather dig these short excursions!