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Dear Diary 8.22.2017

Let me tell ya, work can be quite a killer!  I love these kids but I swear some days it feels like the job mostly entails restocking snacks and paper and soda, and ordering more of the above.  I shouldn’t complain really, that’s not terribly challenging and on the bright side, I can save all of my wits for my writing.  Win win.  And yet, some days…. ya really wanna smack the office kids… nothing too violent, more like with a rolled up newspaper in the back of the head.

By the by, recycling has finally come down the pike and now our entire building is on-board.  Of course you know what that means, I’ve got to get these guys on board with this.  Let me tell you, nothing could be harder.  I put signs up that I believe with all sincerity are shall we say idiot proof – place cans and bottles here only – so then why do I see used hand towels in there?  Another sign states, cardboard and paper only, why do I see empty food containers in there?  I tell ya, the West Indian be coming out in Trini tones when I am in the kitchen.  I can be heard saying – what de ass?  What kind of sctupidness goin on here ent?  Some other more American expletives as well but ya know where I’m headed.  When I mention anything, the look of despair and confusion, as to why we have to have three garbage cans sorted differently instead of our customary one furnishes Cersei looks from yours truly.  Really, you find it difficult.  How so?

Another thing that annoyed me to no end is that my sunshine set the tone in the office like the whole business wasn’t important, and if we get fined, we get fined.

I’m thinkin’ to myself dude – what de ass is you tellin’ these fools?  Child by the time we ended that conversation I was about to line all their stupid asses up and give em’ two tight slap – less violent than Power but more-so than Dorothy gives to Rose!

I’m just thinking to myself, we have to comply.  We don’t actually pay our bills, corporate does.  And did he just fall out of the turnip truck, I mean damn, I don’t notice shit until it slaps me in the face but even I know that the company has been on a money saving binge for the past couple of years.  They’re implementing aggressive corner cutting on a monthly!  Did he somehow miss the memo?  Frankly I think my sunshine can be stubborn and he has this machismo attitude that I just don’t get.  Corporate is letting us run our own shop for the most part.  They know this outfit brings in the dough and so they give us some latitude.  They’re like that agent, who knows they’ve got a star ball player on their hands so they fork him over that extra $$$ so that he can play a little, put a little somethin’ somethin’ around his neck, a little flavor with custom shoes in the garage and maybe even buying his mamam a new house!  In return they expect him to comply with the rules of the house.  The last thing I want is for them to start swiveling their head over this a way and start telling us how to run shit.  And that’s exactly what’s going to happen if we don’t get with the program.  I’ve implemented some new recycling rules and done everything I can to make it easier for the team but quite frankly I could tell from the comments that my sunshine’s previous commentary set a really foolish tone where these guys think they’re just going to continue doing dumb shit and get away with it.  Trust and believe if your team leader says you gotta do this, then you gotta do it and if your team leader makes a mockery of the rules, that attitude is reflected by the team also.  Well we’ll see how it goes.  I will implement my plan and as Drake says – roll up on me then and we goin see. – Pray for your *****.

In any case, I’m so thrilled that I’ve finally finished the rewrites on The Tumble.  Row and Tracey now have it and I’ll be glad to get their opinion whenever they’re finished – no rush.  I expect there may entail some more rewriting and then I’ll have to find a noteworthy editor to send it to and after that possible rewrites and then onto finally publishing!  This will be the 5th book and quite frankly, maybe the best.

On other fronts, I’ve become obsessed with coloring.  This past weekend I tried out this whole new technique which involved using real makeup to sort of paint the face.  I know most artists use color pencils and they’re mad shading and highlighting skills to achieve the look but I’m not that kind of an artist with those high level skills but if there’s a way for me to achieve the same look then dag-gone-it, I’m gonna use it.  This ain’t no test so I can’t be cheating.

Last night I decided I would color and do all of my housework and do my nails and my facial.  This time I didn’t cut corners or sacrifice anything except sleep.  Geez, I always said a woman can have it all, just not at the same time.  Still, surprisingly today I was quite the productive zombie none-the-less.

In a few minutes I’m going to blessedly catch my express bus and take a nippy nappy all the way home.  I should be able to pack lunch for the sailor and I, eat my cereal, take a shower, have one chapter of the Bible read to me, maybe if I can keep my eyes open, watch Love & Hip Hop and be snoring by 11pm.  The boss should be in tomorrow so we’ll all be busy, busy, busy.

Toodles poodles.