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Dear Diary 8.29.2017

Recently I’ve been cooking up a storm during the weekends and I’ve taken to doing these little impromptu videos-throwing in a bit of humor, sharing some random storytelling while preparing the meal.  What really surprised me is how many views the video actually received.  Who knew people would be interested?  Actually my sister did.  She is the one that got me into Vlogging in the first place.  Not surprising that now that I’m vlogging on a regular basis, it’s quite popular and quite frankly, fun!








So guess what else is knew?  I’ve gotten back on the exercise wheel.


Oh yes, I did start out pretty light, 10 minutes just to get back on the horse and then the following two days, proceeded to 20 minutes each day.  So I thought it would be a great idea to do a short video on my struggle to get back in the saddle and utilize FB as a way to hold myself accountable.  If I throw out a video saying I’m about to get it in (exercise that is – but hey that’s whole body exercise so if you’re about that life, get to it) then add that I’m going to post the results, unless I’m gonna fake it, well, I’m gonna have to do it then right?  Yesss, and that’s exactly what I’ve been doing.  Also unexpected is the huge wave of very positive responses I’ve received.  Most people gave me a verbal pat on the back and encourage me to keep it movin’, and I appreciate it very much, some shared their own struggles, and I appreciate that as well.  There was one male FB friend who decided that he would share how he lost weight and then proceeded to give me advice on how I could lose weight, what to cut out in my diet, etc.

Pardon me grey poupon while I’m waiting to exhale~

Frankly I didn’t appreciate that.  Like I said in my video, I simply ceased exercising for a long time.  I have no real issues when I am exercising on a regular basis.  I manage to maintain my 10-12 size just fine.  It’s not about the weight.  My weight has always been significant.  It’s about my body shape and how I feel about it.  When I exercise, I feel like I have all of the right things in all of the right places.  I’m not dumpy, I’m the right kind of thique.  I’m with that.  I find that very attractive.  When I don’t exercise I’m just heavy all over.  One of my FB friends told me I’ve got a phat ass and people pay money for that.  I was laughing and flattered and told her unfortunately my entire body has caught up to my ass and now it’s just fat everythang…lol  – In any case I told my male FB friend basically, thanks for sharing but that’s not my issue.  He then proceeded to send me another long-winded message about additional things I can do to lose weight.  And in my mind I was like, eh bai, yea deaf or wha?  Instead I sent him another response, but more succinct since he missed the first one, which was probably too nice and obviously encouraged him to go further.  I just sent back – thanks but like I said that’s not my issue.  He kept his peace after that, thank goodness.  But honestly I was thinking, the gall of this dude.  You don’t know me.  Don’t give me advice on how to lose weight, you ain’t my man.  Even my man was like, tell him to hush he mouth…lol

Anyway whatever – moving on.

This past weekend the sailor and I jumped in the car and headed over to upstate, NY on a weekend trip to visit my girl Sonia.  She has a live-in position as a companion to a woman with Alzheimer’s.  Sonia is a doll and invited us up to see her, her employers (as it is their residence) had no objection.  My girl resides in “the carriage house” and works at the main house, a few steps away.  I was like wha whaaaaaaaaaaat.  The carriage house?  Sounds so uber impressive.  Well let me tell you, everything about her employer was impressive.  The carriage house was absolutely gorgeous, and the furniture, decor, appliances, everything was quite on par with the main house.  Sonia gave us a tour and there was no room off limits.  These people have everything.  Expansive property with rolling hills and forest like trails, several unique structures on the property such as a log cabin, enclosed kitchen off of the eating area by the pool, girls and boys bathroom downstairs from the pool – complete with bathing suits for their guests in different sizes with the tags still on!  They had a separate lap pool, a fun, family hangout pool and sauna with infinity edge, several hangout, seated areas throughout the expansive property.  The front of the house overlooked a well manicured green space with a view of the lake!  The back of the house overlooks more greenery, a courtyard and the pools.  The main house itself had bedrooms that connected to private bathrooms, a library (one of my favorite spots) with classic books like David Copperfield and Little Women.  They had a beautiful living room complete with piano, Queen Anne chairs, opulent rugs over polished wooden floors.  I felt as if I’d stepped into a fairy-tale.  And may I say, they way that they decorated the joint made the large expansive space feel cozy, homey and comfortable.  Now that’s style and class!  They thought of their guests in everything.  All of the bathrooms had a fresh bar of soap, body lotion, shampoo and conditioner not to mention exceptionally plush towels.  The housekeeper pressed the bed sheets for pity’s sake!  Yes mam, even in the carriage house!  They had personal knick-knacks on display, sprinkled appropriately here and there.  The home had a lived in feel despite the fact that everything was kept immaculately.  That’s exceptionally tricky.  Our home in Jackson Heights was absolutely opulent, and pristine yet felt a bit like a museum.  We used the living room plenty but it somehow retained a grandeur that never quite transformed into cheerful and/or informal.  These people mastered grandeur and married it to intimate and enjoyable.   I’d seen homes somewhat similar on TV but nothing like that in real life.  I’d certainly never toured something even close, let alone hung out in.  It was a wonderful experience and I felt quite blessed.

We made it back to queens mid afternoon on Sunday and I convinced the sailor to do some grocery shopping before we got home.  After we unpacked the grocery and I packed our stuff away and put the house together we went foraging for food like two hungry squirrels.  The man persuaded me to stop over at this roti shop near us and I couldn’t believe he said the food looked appetizing.  Ummm, not to moi.

He had a sweet park in front of our joint so he didn’t want to move the car.  We ended up walking to Trin-City and got two beef roti with a shandy and my cream soda.  We were going all the way today man!  Yassssss!  Since I wasn’t going to exercise, I figured the walk was a good idea.  I was glad we got home early and lazed about the rest of Sunday.  Monday was a banger.  I hung out with the sailor and into the afternoon until it was time for him to hit the road and head to work at 5.  After that I was a whirlwind of action.  I cooked chicken parmigiana and also made some sweet and sour shrimp balls over rice.  I didn’t have to cook the rice as I already had some leftovers, thank goodness.  One less thing to do.  Cooking the chicken parmigiana was pretty easy breezy, but the shrimp balls were an exercise in deadly madness.  The oil was pitching and popping all over the place, making the kitchen more deadly than the set of Purge.  I was dodging like bullets were a flyin’.  And I’ve got it all on video, except it’s too long to load so I’ll need some time to get my editing skills up before I can upload.  Truth be told the shrimp balls turned out to be quite yummy.  I might just make another video entirely as I kept calling them chicken balls and I’ll just end up confusing everyone.  I tell ya, there’s hardly any finesse to my videos.  I got to get with the program and maybe try and posh it up a bit.  Then again, people seem to appreciate the avant-garde of it all, n’est pas?

This week I’ll be mixing in the 5 minute intense workout video along with some stretching, core contractions and leg stuff.  My Iron Giant is great for shedding some pounds and getting your heart rate moving and your body sweating but nothing really puts you back together like some weights and targeted exercises along with stretching.  I’m looking forward it actually.  I’ve been feeling much better and sleeping much better, except the night before work.  I’m not sure what that’s about but I rarely sleep at all the night before work.  My eyes start to shut around 5:30am and that sucks royal shrimp balls lemme tell ya!

later kittens.