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Dear Diary 8.8.2016

So wow haven’t written in awhile but sooo much has happened.  Two of the biggest things that have happened is the sailor and I – we went on a little trip to Dallas, Texas for my cousin’s daughter’s wedding – in American terms, that’s my second cousin getting hitched but in West Indian terms – it was my niece getting hitched.

Yes that’s how it is in our world peeps.

The bride happens to be relatively close in age with my own daughter and so when she walked down the aisle, it was a bit of an emotional moment for me, as all I could see was my own daughter, who will be doing the same walk in June 2017 – not far away at all quite frankly.

Weddings & Engagements


So of course the reception was phenomenal.  The sailor and I had an excellent time.  My parents, sister and all of my dad and some of my mom’s side of the family were in attendance so we got to see a whole lot of family that we don’t have the pleasure of seeing on a regular.

The sailor and I tacked on a few extra days to the trip so that we could have sort of a min-vacation experience out of the deal and thank heavens we did.  We got to hang out at the mall, Northpark Mall, and hello – they had this kind of fountain/pool area in the mall that was home to a few ducks and turtles.  And yes, we are that couple that’s fascinated with charming animal displays – I know – saps right?  LOL

Northpark Center Mall

We had dinner at this awesome Italian restaurant called Maggiano’s.  Everything we chose from the menu was scrumptious and my sailor indulged in a few cocktails – the last one, a Manhattan no less – nearly did him in.  That rye whisky will definitely put some hair on your chest, lemme tell ya!

We even threw in a movie date night – and saw Star Trek Beyond.  I won’t give much away except for me, it was the best one out of the bunch.  It had just the right amount of action, intelligence and other world like scenery with interesting aliens.  All in all, the plot held my attention and the characters were fascinating.

The next day we were driving around the neighborhood and came across one of those gated community developments.  We asked the girl at the gate if there were any model homes that were available for show and she let us in and told us to look for the signs.  We were beyond overjoyed.  I mean, people, one of our favorite shows is House Hunters – HELLO!

So we drove around the complex and surprisingly, many of the homes were already sold, some with the occupants already moved in and some that were still empty.  What I loved about the complex was that there were many varying architectural styles, no cookie cutter village, if you will.  This made our experience even more out of this world.  Unfortunately there was only one home available for viewing but OMGosh what a home it was!  Badda Bing Badda Boom!

Once you open the door, it’s quite like stepping into a dream.  First of all, there was no basement or second floor but the ceilings were so incredibly high, it gave the illusion that there was a second floor.  Personally it was everything I wished for.  I’m really not a fan of stairs – everything on one floor is ideal for me.  As large as the home was, everything still felt warm, cozy and comfortable.  The kitchen was huge and contained a separate butler pantry/wet-bar and large kitchen pantry, open on both ends leading to a huge dining room on one side, living room on the other – french doors leading out to the large patio.  The only thing missing was a pool and in that heat, for us it would have been a necessity but other than that which was easily remedied, the home was a confection of perfection.  Every single bedroom (there were 3 I think) each came equipped with it’s own private bathroom, and the master had the biggest en suite as well as his and her walk in closets.  WOW, like I said, it was like walking into a dream.  The only thing we regretted was that we couldn’t look at the other styles of homes.  They weren’t open to public viewing for whatever reason.

We saw another house by following the open house signs down the road, and though it was not a new development, it was quite large, two story, the staircase was gorgeous and had wide steps, which somehow didn’t make you feel like you were climbing Everest.  The rooms were all large, bathrooms and kitchen had great finishes, an office upstairs and downstairs as well as a billiards room!  My sister and cousin would have loved that.  Not bad all in all.  After having a nice chat with the realtor, we were back on the road.

Thank goodness we included the rental in our Expedia package – if you don’t want to be stuck at the hotel or take an Uber everywhere – the car rental comes in particular handy.

Funny thing happened on the way to the airport – my sailor left his over the shoulder bag in the bathroom of the car rental return terminal and we didn’t realize that until we jumped on the airport shuttle – heading over to the terminal.  Thank God (and I did say a prayer) that we were able to stay on the shuttle, which took us right back from where we started and Thank God again that my sailor’s bag was exactly where he left it. Unfortunately by now we were really running late for the flight.  This time when we checked in, we had to pay $150 bucks for the extra weight on our bag, so we did.  And then some kind people allowed us go in front of them on the TSA line, Thank God again.  I damn near had an asthma attack running to our departure terminal to find out in blessed relief that our flight was delayed, but then five minutes later, we found out our flight was canceled – weather, they said.  My sailor, an ATO didn’t buy it.  He said most likely there was something mechanically wrong with the plane that they couldn’t fix.  I believe it since it didn’t seem like any other flights were grounded.  Was the weather only above our plane?  Yeah – ok!

Sooo I’m going to make another post as to how to best handle a flight cancellation.  But all’s well that ends well.  We rented another car for the day, booked a night at the same hotel my mom, dad, uncle, aunt and sister were staying and ended up having a bit of a blast on our last night in Dallas.

The next day we were off to home, and one day later, were dressed to the nines to appear on the Red Carpet VIP, Bazodee Premiere.  I posted my blog, movie review w/all of the pictures earlier – I do hope you enjoyed that.

Well kittens – since I’ve been home I’ve changed a few things – namely my weekends.  Usually I spend my weekends cat napping, cleaning and ordering food from Grub Hub or Seamless.  However my daughter’s wedding is coming up and unless I get a second job to manage my take out situation, I’m gonna have to reel in my budget somehow.  So I did the unthinkable – which is cook during the weekend for the entire week.  Now lemme tell ya – it’s NOT easy.  However, it is well worth it.  I’ve managed to incorporate a few tools to make my life more pleasant while I cook.  One – I use part of that time to chat with family/friends and catch up.  It’s a win win – and I’m killing two birds with one stone.  Two – I put on some music and humm my way through chopping tomatoes, carrots and onions – Machel Montano kept me company this past weekend.  Three, I throw on my Netflix or Amazon Prime Video – we’ll talk about that in minute – and watch (mostly listen) to something riveting or calming while I’m fixin’ the fixings!

Ok, so normally I just stick with my Netflix but lately I’ve been getting a little bored with their selection.  I also received this letter in the mail that let me know I have Amazon Prime and therefore am privy to an entire host of videos and movie collections to view for FREE.  Well that got my attention.  I finally got the App on my iPhone for Amazon Video and I’ve been watching the series Bosch!  Wowee – I really like it.  Now Bosch is a Detective based on books from the Author Michael Connolly.  I’m a huge fan, and read many of the books.  When I saw who the actor was that was going to play Bosch, I wasn’t impressed and had no interest.  But now that I had Amazon Video I thought to myself, eh, we’ll give it a whirl?  Well lemme just say, he grew on me.  I’m digging it now and I’m already on Season 2.  So if YOU have Amazon Prime but haven’t tried the video service, why not get the App and give it a whirl?  The only sucky part is that you can’t cast to your TV using the iPhone.  You can however cast if you have an Android phone.  I’m not worried as eventually I know that the iPhone will be brought up to speed but for now, I’ve put Columbo on the bench – Bosch is batter up!

Honestly I can’t complain.  I can’t really tell you how wonderful it is to come home and just have to heat up a meal from quite a few choices.  Plus the sailor is working too – so cooking for the week allows both of us to have lunch Mon-Fri. as well as dinner when we get home.  Hey, that’s 20 meals that we normally pay for.  $5 here, $10 there, adds up quickly.  It’s nice to see the credit cards stationary for once – ya heard!

Well I hope everyone has a great week ahead.  Time is flying by so quickly I’m getting whiplash.  I truly can’t believe that it’s already August!

By the by, the kid came over for a visit yesterday and we had the best time chatting (while I was cooking.)  It was awesome, actually something I always would dream about – that one day she would be all grown up and come over and visit me, we’d chat over coffee and dinner.  And that’s exactly what happened.  Before she left she gave me the biggest squish and said mom I love coming here, it’s my stress reliever.  Aw shucks I coulda’ melted kittens.

Also on Saturday I had the best conversation with my own madre.  These days our relationship has turned into everything I always wanted.  I really can’t believe that I didn’t understand that making our relationship better was as much in my hands as it was in my mothers.  But you know what, better late than never.  Now when we chat there’s no tension.  We just have a great time with each other and its such a blessing.

toodes poodles.