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Dear Diary 9.18.2017

I’m excited.  I had an anonymous reader read The Tumble so I could acquire another perspective besides my own and the reader devoured the book and quite frankly though they did not approve of the ending or alternate ending, loved the “poetry” of the book, praised my writing skills (hallelujah) and related to the heroine or alternate perspective, villain of the book!

Yay, couldn’t ask for more.  I gained a lot of valuable insight from the reader – especially the fact that there were unanswered and unaddressed questions in the book.  My next step was to get another soul to read the book – two perspectives are always better than one and I’m also in the process of doing some more re-writes, editing, adding, etc.  Truth be told I was extremely nervous about touching what I thought was the perfect book.  However, you certainly can’t release a book that still has loose ends no matter what your issues are as that is utter madness and will just piss readers off.

Despite my fears that the additions and subtractions wouldn’t contain the same flow, be narrated by the same voice (if you will) and that’s a reasonable fear, however I forgot something vastly important; although it appears as if I wrote the book in one sitting, carrying the same voice, tempo, theme – that’s actually untrue.  I did this entire process quite a few times, re-read, added, subtracted, embellished, colored the scene, etc.  So what’s happening now (which is not uncommon among writers) is that I’m not trusting my process.  Once I worked this all out, I got to work.  Once I get everything on paper and feel that I’ve answered all of the questions, I’ll be able to take a hammer and chisel and God willing, sculpt the book as I see fit.

Moving on: I think to the eyes of someone on the outside looking in, I might be quite boring these days…lol  Frankly I don’t mind.  I’m good with that.  These days all I do is work when I’m at work, write, blog, and vlog.  I’ve done a series of videos while I’m cooking and people have responded quite well to them.  I wish I had a more professional look about the video but hey, I could achieve that if I really want to spend some time and learn and utilize video editing programs but ah, I think for what it is, its all good.  It’s not really what I want to spend my time doing.  It’s rather a hobby.

I haven’t been blogging much.  Between the videos of cooking and the other journal videos that are documenting my motivational and accountable chats about exercising, I haven’t had that much time to write on the Blog.  I also have a FB – The Slipper Coloring Book page that I usually post on every day and my  FB Author Page that I’m really not able to post on everyday, it’s kind of a lot.  I don’t know how long I’ll be able to keep it up but when it’s run its course I will simply accept it and move on.  I think its getting to be a bit much to post on all three (my regular FB included) every single day.

By the by, I use to dub certain coloring pages “the coloring fool strikes again” but truthfully that statement couldn’t be more true.  I find myself entirely head over heels, madly in love with coloring.  Who knew?  I’ve even purchased a number of tools to help me on my journey, from gel pens, to colored pencils, markers, which I will post in my posts.  Honestly it’s been so much fun!~  I really find that I like the quiet hours of just sitting down, picking colors and creating something beautiful.  I especially like the feeling of accomplishment it gives me which is more creative, vastly different from chores and cooking.  Oddly enough I also watch videos of people coloring, mostly while I’m coloring.  It sounds truly odd but I actually learn a lot of great techniques and tricks to go a step beyond coloring and creating more details and textures and depth to the pictures – feels more artist like than simply being a colorist.  I rather dig it!

On the work front, my boss and I are still in sync and doing quite wonderfully.  I’ve managed to still get to work on time (and you know that’s nothing short of a miracle) so we’re both less stressed and much happier.

On other fronts, the tiger is back in his cage.  I’m not too upset about it.  Might be best for all included.  Hopefully he quits whining, does his time and gets his shit together so when he comes out (this time) he can learn from his mistakes and maybe earn a paycheck instead of doing the opposite and earning his way back to a 3 by 5, ya heard???

Yeah, a little tasteless but I didn’t put your ass there.  Work it out tiger.