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Dear Diary 9.25.2016

Wow so this has been a whirlwind couple of weeks.  Work has been crazy as per usual but I was really happy to have a huge pain in the ass project behind me which was my boss’s expense reports.  Oh yeah, finally done with that.  Rectified most of his old expenses and was kind of chicken shit to explain to him the reason I didn’t submit them prior is because we didn’t have any receipts for them – geez I’ve got to grow some balls.  I realize that my timid and nice attitude isn’t always helpful in every situation.  I’m working on dropping the nicendown to more of a fair attitude and trying to state what I need and want and can and can’t do, with more authority.  It’s a work in progress.  I’m not that great at it but with all if this wedding planning stuff, well the stakes are high so I’ve got to get with the program.

As for writing, I’m getting there.  I’m trying to get back on my more normal schedule and make it routine as it should be.  I have to say working on my Surface Pro makes things so much easier.  I’m definitely going to be spoiled now because of the tablet/laptop combo; I can use the touchscreen or switch it up and use the keyboard.  It’s super efficient and I’m glad that my sailor talked me into it.  If I’d just gotten a tablet it wouldn’t have given me the flexibility that the surface offers.  Just play with it at Best Buy for 10 minutes.  You’ll be hooked I promise.

So two weekends ago we had my sailor’s whole big hoorah with the whole dinner at Vandals, Aladdin on Broadway and after show drinks at Mingles.  We had a great time but I sure was looking forward to relaxing more the following weekend and I sure did.  In fact I caught a few great flix which I posted on My Hot List.  I hope you check it out.

This weekend after having some chats with my stressed out princess, she finally came to the conclusion that she needs our help with the wedding planning.  I know that sounds crazy right?  But she is her mother’s daughter.  I really like taking on many tasks myself and she’s no different.  I’m happy to report that this weekend even though it meant getting up early on Saturday, we were able to see the bride try on different dresses at a beautiful, little boutique bridal shop called Max’s Bridal.  And although she didn’t say yes to any of the dresses, we have narrowed down her style.  Now we’re just going to keep hitting bridal shops until we find the one!  And I must say all of the grandmothers/invited guests were truly on their best behavior.  Everyone had an opinion but it was always followed by the phrase, but it’s up to the bride, whatever she wants – and I can’t help but be moved by everyone’s restraint – after all, it’s important to recognize that it’s HER day.

On Sunday the kid, her pop and I went to check out Anton at Flower Explosion to see if we could get all of the flower decisions put to bed.  What an absolute peach Anton is to deal with!  He was courteous and kind and it was obvious that he could do this job in his sleep.  He came highly recommended and we could see why.  He worked with us on the pricing and gave us many options from which to choose.  Not only that but he can do the mandap at the ashram as well as install and decorate the tent for Av’s backyard for Maticoor and Mehndi night!  Woo-hoo – the less vendors we have to deal with for each event, the better.

We were also able to check out wedding invitations and order some samples online from which were at much cheaper prices than some of the Queens vendors were offering.  We’ll see how the samples look when they get here and start to make decisions about that.

Anyhoo, I feel much better now that we’re starting to get the ball rolling on a few fronts.  I can’t believe how fast the time is moving and it feels good to get our ass in gear.  It was also great to have Av (Dev’s pop) participate in everything as he is the money and not only that but even though he’s got his life and I’ve got mine, this is a family affair.  It’s good that we’re all on the same page with pricing, decorations and making all of the decisions jointly.  Truth be told I think we’re both a little nostalgic about our daughter taking this step in her life and the fact that we can come together quite seamlessly to get this done, well, total warm fuzzy feelings all around!

Kid: Mommy?

Mom: Yes sweetheart.

Kid: Is our family broken?

Mom: Signs deeply and tucks kid into her lap before she begins.  No baby, our family is not broken.  In fact, our family tree only suffered from an excess of water and sunshine.  Our trunk became bigger, thicker, stronger, our leaves more colorful and abundant.  We’re not broken, we are resilient and beautiful.

Kid: Smiles, kisses mom and jumps off of her lap.  I’m going to tell CJ that we’re not broken, we’re beautiful!

(Insert Forest Gump Here):

And that’s all I’m gonna say about that.

"Anyway, like I was sayin', shrimp is the fruit of the sea."


OMGosh it’s really starting to sink in now – the kid’s getting married,  Oh my Lord Jesus!  How amazing!

Ok, I’m done, carry on.

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