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Dear Diary 9/14/2015

This week has been rather slow in comparison to last week.  What I most love about this week is that I have been getting up and getting my workout in at the start of the morning and oddly enough the fact that I don’t have to come home and do anything but eat, sleep and shower is such a huge weight off of my chest that I actually feel lighter, literally!

What sucks royal balls is that although they say when you workout you will have more energy, and I guess that’s true, however around 4pm, I get tired as all heck.  And this week although the workload has been more manageable in terms of deadlines, it’s still been heavy – so I’ve been on average at work until 8pm.  That’s a long ass mother freakin’ day – get up at 6am, workout, get ready, get to work, work then start for home around 7:30pm and get home around 8:30pm!  Whoa!  Thank God my Schmoopy picks me up from the train station or I’d really be fried.

On the other hand what’s the alternative?  Give up chocolate!  Oh hell to the naw!  We just gonna have to literally work it out.

On the work front, my sunshine and I are getting on famously!  We’re in sync, we’re doing well – all is good – nada to report.  Sometimes I sense he wrestles with saying too much to me.  He walks on that fine line between appropriate and the rest.  But I know he be missin’ me!   He texted me last week on Tues. first thing in the am – just to say Good morning and hope you had a great weekend.  Wow,  usually he starts like that before he launches into a request.  But he had no request.  So ya see, he missed me!  Long weekend and I guess he simply missed me.  And I understand how he feels because I take care of his every need in the office and some personal.  He relies on me.  We communicate all of the time, via text, calls, emails so honestly it’s gotten to the point where it’s downright weird not to hear from him.  I find myself wondering just what the heck he’s doing at times.  Oh well, just note to self, whatev.

On other fronts I got to chat with my sis extensively twice or more this week.  It was awesome.  Once I get that girl on the phone it’s like hours will pass like minutes.  We have the best convo ever, talked about Sue, some of our thoughts and regrets and honestly it was good to get that out, to be able to admit that I did some things wrong in that area, that I could have been better and in the future I will be better.  There’s solace in my sister.

On the book front, things are progressing at breakneck pace.  I didn’t get to do the interview with Tanuja as she had a situation she had to take care of but hopefully on Tuesday we’ll get down to the brass tacks.

Him is progressing exceptionally well.  I’ve got about 21 chapters edited and we progress about 3 each weekday and there’s 51 chapters in total so I’m halfway there!  I can’t wait to finish that part off and send it off to a professional editor.

In the meantime The Tumble is progressing every week.  I also have on the back burner the coloring book idea that I want to design with Phoenix Chan, my brilliant Illustrator from The Slipper.  Expenses are coming up right now however, The Slipper Book Launch party, Tracey’s wedding, Christmas, we’re going to see Row this coming weekend in Boston, so I might have to hold off on The Slipper coloring book for another couple of months.  I’m excited about everything coming together though.  It’s just a matter of time!

toodles poodles, it’s time to hit the sack so I can get up in a few hours and get my workout in!