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Dear Diary 9/17/2015

Dear Diary, this week at work was a doozy.  First of all I’m about a week away from riding the crimson wave so quite frankly there isn’t much that wouldn’t send me into a murderous rage but my sailor has been incredibly helpful in soothing my range of emotions and I can’t lie, no one has been more surprised than moi!!!

Can I just say that today we cooked together!  HELLO!

At work right after the US Open Event there has been nothing but Expense Report issues (the powers that be are tightening the reigns on everything) – the entire report has to be categorized exactly otherwise they kick it back to me.  The saving grace has been SS, who bless his genuine Irish accent left me the most hysterical voicemail to go along with my faux pas.  I can tell he’s short on patience however and won’t exactly be in the playful mood if I make the same mistake thrice.  Who can really blame him though?  He probably has to repeat himself  countless times to a number of people on a daily.  That’s enough to drive anyone mad.

We’ve also had two new hires, young men.  Which is great, they seem intelligent, friendly and very sweet.  But I’ve been overwhelmed between running the office, the new hire stuff and my sunshine’s calendar, not to mention creating and maintaining the NIC conf. calendar for not only my sunshine but two other partners.  And I had to share my NIC itinerary with their assistant.  And may I say I utterly despise anyone working on one of my documents because I always feel like I can’t trust the information, like there might be something missing.  Well in any case, I was home today (Monday) and come to find out, there was something missing from it, something that was included on a previous version.  Now I have to do some investigating as to how it wasn’t on the latest version.  And in all fairness it could have been my mistake but ah, I doubt it.  Tomorrow I’ll check and rectify.

On another front I got an email from the accounting which I only skimmed the reading of it, and come to find out that in addition to my sunshine’s ER I now have to do this special Excel spreadsheet documenting his expenses more thoroughly.

Honestly that about made me lose my shit.  I’m far too overwhelmed at the moment and secondly I don’t understand why accounting can’t pull that information from the ER?  Why am I doing the work twice?

I thought I was about to just loose my mind but my sailor calmed me down and now it is quite clear that I have to put a few things into play in order to make my life easier at work.

One – and this is most important even though this is the biggest thing I’m slacking on – I have to pray and read my Bible or my Bible stories (same difference.)  I’m really not going to be focused without his guidance so I’m gonna just have to get to it.

Two – I have to put all of the protocols into a coherent form at work.  Although my confection of perfection did her best to have a guideline in the form of my white binder to share all of the important details of my job, it’s really not as structured as it should be.  So I have to take some time out and structure everything so the next time there’s someone hired, fired or terminated I know exactly what must be done.

Thirdly – I have to re-organize all of my files, supply closet as well as supplies around the office.

With these things in place I’ll have a better handle on my job.

But honestly between all of the reception duties, office managerial duties and being my sunshine’s executive assistant – I’m about to lose my mind sometimes.  It’s a lot and it can be exceptionally overwhelming.  But as my sailor said, I got this.  This is the job that I desire and I’ll be damned if it’s gonna kick my ass!!!

On the writing front, editing HIM is coming along just swimmingly.  I’m getting in one chapter a week on my blog The Tumble, along with a Dear Diary and mayhaps other info.  The book launch is coming up Oct. 11th and things are moving along at 100mph.  It’s enough to make your head spin but I remind myself that this is all good and this crazy time will pass.  Then things will slow down and I can catch up and not feel so incredibly overwhelmed by it all.

toodles poodles