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Dear Diary 9/7/2015

The past week has been a doozy.  Things at work have been moving at the speed of light.  Thank God the US Open Event began and ended on Wednesday.  Honestly I’d never really been in charge of such detail during an event.  But my boss threw it in my lap and I ran with it.  I talked to my Jesus every step of the way and boy I really needed the guidance.  I never really had to deal with the planning of such an event all by my lonesome before but I surprised myself by really diggin’ the challenge.  I felt up to it and with a whole lot of miracles here and there and help from everyone I was dealing with, the event turned out to be a smashing success I’m thrilled to say.

My Sunshine rented a suite no less for one evening session, Wed. 9/2 – 25 attendees, $1,500.00 a ticket – that’s per person.  With the food and beverage order of about $4K, car rides for various attendees to and from, our hat giveaways – whoa, he definitely spent a pretty penny for certain.  On Thursday morning I got a lot of emails, the most important from my sunshine about how my hard work paid off in spades and that everything went off smoothly without a hitch and everyone had a great time.  Needless to say I was beaming.  With any luck maybe next year it won’t be such a boys club event and the girls will get to go too.  But honestly at $1,500 a ticket, might be a stretch, we’ll see.

I’ll say one thing, I feel like I’m becoming indispensable to my sunshine and that’s exactly my aim.  My mentor confection of perfection “runs” VIP’s life and that’s according to VIP.  I want my sunshine to be able to feel that confidence about me and I feel like I’m gaining ground and closer to that level every passing day.

Did I mention that my old boss, Posh Spice asked Sonia to speak to me again and offer me more money to come back?  WOW, I was definitely flattered but had to turn her down once again.  I’m home right where I am and I don’t want to be anywhere else.

Funny I was working from home one day and sunshine and I had a very open “discussion” if you will via text.  He mentioned that he thought I would win the Pulitzer and leave him.  I was like heck no, I’m not going anywhere.  Then we went off into comical banter but whoa it was kind of nice to be needed and necessary and definitely gave me a high that he was worried I might break out.  Toots, they’d have to pry my dead cold fingers from your Outlook calendar – I ain’t goin’ nowheres!!!

On the home front, things are going great.  My sailor and I are closer than ever.  We’re seeing eye to eye on almost all fronts and things are running smoothly.  The kid is hardly ever home.  She and MattE are quite inseparable.  I remember those days and quite frankly, I’m still experiencing those days with C now.  There’s hardly a time when we’re not together since he’s been back.  Even now our laptops are back to back and as I’m working he’s looking up stuff and surfing.  He just likes to be around me no matter what I’m doing.  If I’m in the kitchen cooking, he’ll be surfing.  If I’m writing, he’ll find something to do on his laptop.  Kinda nice to have him around like this.  I missed these moments.

This weekend was a series of date nights for the most part.  Friday he picked me up from the train station, we hopped over to Green Acres, had dinner, walked around, checked out Best Buy and Target and then headed home to relax for the rest of the night.  Saturday, we got up, had breakfast together, took a shower, got dressed and headed to Garden State Mall to walk around, have dinner and check out The Transporter movie.  It turned out to be a pretty descent albeit forgettable action flick.  The new guy was pretty handsome, great voice and I always love watching Ray Stevenson do just about anything so win win.  I dug the lead chic in the movie too.  Something about her makes you unable to turn away.  She’s engaging.

Sunday we ordered two trays of food from The Nest and headed over to C’s pop’s house to spend some time with C’s dad, stepmom, sister as well as HessE, Nic, and Lizzie.  It was a fun time.  Karen’s mother was there as well.  We laughed, talked, ate, it was a great deal of fun.  Now if you don’t know let me acquaint you – C’s father is a Pastor, C’s family has strong Christian convictions, and you would think that because of my mom especially I’m use to that sort of thing.  And to some degree I am.  But I don’t really talk too much about religion with anyone. I’ve got a live and let live attitude about it.  I know I love my Jesus and I don’t really need to talk about things too much beyond that.  Anyway the conversation did get around to some religious topics at some point in the evening.  I listened to what everyone had to say, stated my opinion and basically kept it pushing.  We were all respectful and changed the topic before anything became too real.  I ain’t about it but I don’t need to argue with anyone or be disrespectful unless you’re trying to cram your belief system down my throat then you might see a switch go off and things won’t be terribly pretty after that.  But when it comes to family I try not to ever let it get to that point.  With people I don’t really have that much of a tie – then no holds barred.  You’re going to get what you give.

Today I wasn’t feeling too well so I got a late start on the blogging.  But that’s cool, I don’t have too much to do after.  This week I’m really going to try to stick with my new lifestyle change and wake up early every day to get my workout in.  Last week, I managed to do it for two days.  This week, I’d like to go for the full five if possible.  Life gets in the way sometimes and if my body and mind shuts down I don’t push myself beyond a certain point.  After all, I’m 42, not 24.  If my body talks I tend to listen.  Plus the only person I’m competing with is myself.  We’ll see how it goes.

This week also I’m going to try to do a lot more editing with HIM.  So far so good.  I’m really digging how that’s going as well.  I try to edit three chapters every day while I’m at work and once that’s done, pay a pro to edit it all over again.  With any luck this entire process will be done by the beginning of next month and mayhaps by the time Row and I have the book launch on Oct. 11th, I may just be launching HIM as well.

On another tres fab note, my sister from the same mister landed none other than the amazing Tanuja Ragoo herself to host my book launch as well as put me on her program for a short Q&A session!!!! I know right, OMG!!! This will definitely be a great promotion to our West Indian community and should help get some book sales going and my name and work out there – so exciting!

On the home front in terms of Sue, my sadness comes and goes.  I just spoke to mom today and I can see that their sadness (Sue’s parents, my parents, Auntie Laz,) their sadness is heavy, they’re surrounded by it, living in it, breathing it.  I understand it because it’s their way.  I’m gratified that after I spoke with my mom though, she was on a much better note.  She understood that it’s not a blame game and there’s nothing we could have done  – we just have to accept what is and be there for each other.  I’m sure she’ll teeter back and forth on this but that’s how she is, no harm no foul.  I spoke to my Aunt Laz today and she’s much the same way but Duck and family moved out and she seems to be adjusting well.  I’ll give her a shout next week also.  I also called my Auntie Naz but got their v/m.  I left both her and my uncle and encouraging message and will try them back next week.  I’m sure they’ll not always be in a mood to chat.  I’ll send them a cute postcard also to let them know I’m thinking of them and love them very much.

Dev just came home and chatted with C and I.  Her and MattE seem like they’re going to get engaged soon and will probably move in together maybe before they sign papers.  Dev wants a wedding but she changed her mind about waiting to move in with him until she gets married.  That’s cool.  I’m good with whatever she’s good with though that decision is surprising.  She was never really comfortable with the whole moving in prior to marriage thang.  But hey, it’s her life and I’m going to be supportive to her decisions.  She’s no baby, and at 24 she’s entitle to make her own choices.  I know one thing, either way she’s going to be ok God willing and C and I and her daddy will always be here for her.

Toodles poodles.